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Default Re: Top results with Castor @ 30%

Originally Posted by RLorange View Post
Well I guess the benefits DONT outweigh the build up. Just spent hours trying to remove soem serious hard brown stuff of my piston and the rings. Lucky I checked in time because The build up just above the top ring had started to scuff the cylinder wall!!

No Good at all! This little experiment is over for me. do you think this is my r30? Do you other castor users have such nasty build up that is really hard to remove?
When I used castor in my Sachs racing kart engine, we tore the engine down after every second race to clean it. I doubt that many Chinese engine users want to get that involved in engine maintenance in order to enjoy the bennies from castor oil.
I personally would not use castor anymore...period.
There's more than enought synthetic two stroke oils available which are much superior for everyday use.
Just my humble opinion though.
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