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Default Re: New China bike just built! 700c Thruster walmart

Originally Posted by mechaniczman View Post
I used the sprocket that came with the kit not the bike, although if I did use the one that came with the bike I would have some wicked top speed!! I did have problems getting the sprocket to line up I had to take it off about 4 times untill I got it right, I used some washers from the original sprocket to make it line up better, its trial and error untill its straight.

Also I wish that my bike had suspension but oh well I may go with a different bike once I take the damaged one back...if I can find my reciept!
Yeah brother, The sprocket install is the hardest part of the build, If you're using a rag joint. A sprocket adapter takes all the worry out of it. Then all you have to worry about is sprocket to sprocket alignment. I'll still use a rag joint on a customer bike if they wont spring for an adapter, just never again on any of my personal bikes.
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