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Default Re: Thread Locking Compounds aka LocTite

Originally Posted by bigbutterbean View Post
I live in PA. I thought about removing the choke lever, but two thoughts occurred to me. The first thought was that it would throw off the air/fuel ratio because more air would get in through the hole. However, I thought to myself to solve this dilemma by removing the choke itself, but leaving the rest of the assembly intact. As to the wearing a layer of metal away after repeated use, it is a sound theory. However, I dont think it applies to me, because I hardly ever use my choke. Even in the middle of winter, I just keep pedaling while trying to start until the engine warms up enough to run on its own. But the second thought that occurred to me was, what if I might need the choke one day? I would rather have it there and not need it, than need it and not have it. So, I loctite it and leave it alone unless I need it.
Taking the choke off won't allow more air in, unless yer counting that itty bitty hole the choke screw goes through. (liquid steel). But your right about one thing fer sher, Ya can't use what ya don't have. In a pinch I've used a twist tie to hold it down. It really sucks to have yer choke come on at 35mph. Makes ya think something just went wrong with yer engine.
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