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Default Re: Thread Locking Compounds aka LocTite

Originally Posted by fatdaddy View Post
Thank God I live in California. If a choke lever gets too loose on one of my engines, I simply remove the offending POS. It never really gets cold enough to acually need a choke here. And if it does get REAL cold, I'm probably not going riding anyway. But I guess if you need yer choke, Then h*ll yes, locktite the stuffins out of it.
I think the reason it keeps coming loose, (could be wrong,) is because the carb is made of a softer metal, (not steel,) and any use of it will wear a minute layer of metal away. Then of course, it's loose again.
I live in PA. I thought about removing the choke lever, but two thoughts occurred to me. The first thought was that it would throw off the air/fuel ratio because more air would get in through the hole. However, I thought to myself to solve this dilemma by removing the choke itself, but leaving the rest of the assembly intact. As to the wearing a layer of metal away after repeated use, it is a sound theory. However, I dont think it applies to me, because I hardly ever use my choke. Even in the middle of winter, I just keep pedaling while trying to start until the engine warms up enough to run on its own. But the second thought that occurred to me was, what if I might need the choke one day? I would rather have it there and not need it, than need it and not have it. So, I loctite it and leave it alone unless I need it.
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