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Default Re: What do you think of this bike?

Originally Posted by Anthemavm View Post
I really like the Felt Bikes, and thought this would be a cool addition to my collection. I don't have any motorized bikes yet, so your help is appreciated.

Ridley Motorcycles in Oklahoma for the conversion consisting of: sealed fuel tank, Motorcycle grade chain tensioners, upgraded fasteners and then fitted with a strong running 80 CC 2 cycle engine.

What do you think it is worth, it has about 50 hours on it.

I have honestly spoken to many people, and when you are selling a motorized bike that the motor is already installed on to, people will pay a pretty penny for it. Prices range from $500-couple thousand dollars. I would check craigslist for your local area to see what people in your area are selling them for. Good Luck, its a great looking bike!
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