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Default Re: Wont Start with pull-start

I just replied to llinneman with the best advice I could give him, BUT, I have a couple questions myself. I've been working on these engines for a few years now and have NEVER found a good way to get grease into the small clutch bearings. I suppose I could disasemble the entire clutch and do it that way, but there's gotta be a better way.
Also, getting grease into the bucking bar and bearing is easy enough, but does anyone have a good way to get out a stuck bucking bar bearing to get a little grease behind it? I really don't want to try a solvent because of the main clutch bar bearing that sits behind it. Washing out the lube in that just sounds like a bad idea. Already tried "pointy things" and magnets, didn't work. Any suggestions and ideas would be appreciated.
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