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Default Re: Wont Start with pull-start

Originally Posted by llinneman View Post
Thanks to everyone for your help! I cleaned the carb really good, changed to e-clip setting, and tightened the clutch cable. Now she runs like a gem. I really appreciate all of your suggestions and tips!!
Thats great llinnman, glad ya got her goin. Sometimes it is just the simple stuff. Now, to keep it running right, if you haven't done it already, change that stock plug and plug wire. Put a NGKB6HS, (Kragen/O'rielys# 7534,) plug and a good auto plug wire on it. Wire core plug wire works best, most wire is graphite core or whatever they call it. It works fine, better than stock, but the wire core is best.
Also, you said it sat for a year. It's time to service your engine. Take off the clutch lever side cover, grease the lever,( it will come out of the case with a 1/2 twist,) Then pull out the bucking bar and bearing, (don't lose the bearing,) shove grease in the bucking bar hole and push the bearing and bar back in. The factory never does this, so I do it on every new engine. If the bearing won't come out don't worry too much about it, Just shove the grease in with the bucking bar anyway. Reassemble.
Then take off the clutch side case. Put a SMALL amount of grease on the small crank and large clutch gears. Not too much or it'll get on the pads and thats a bad thing. Then, try to get a little grease into the very small clutch bearings. You'll have to remove the clutch plate to do this. Lock the lever in to loosen the clutch plate,(count the turns on the flower nut, Put it back on the same.) I've never had good luck with greasing this so I just put a few drops, (2 or 3,) of heavy oil in it. Again, not too much. Oil on pads is bad. But a little, (a very little oil,) will just burn off the pads. So if ya drop a little on the pads it's not the end of the world. Just wipe off excess, Reassemble.
Then, lube the chain and cables and levers and stuff and yer done.
Taking a couple hours (Or,1 day and a six pack,) will save you A LOT of headach in the future.
Good Luck,
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