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Default Engine advice needed


I have been looking on this site for some time now and currently working on a board track style bike, starting with a Firestone Pilot canvas. Year of bike unknown but thinking late 40's.
Anyway, I have been looking around at the different engines (mostly the 2cycle 66cc) and had almost decided on the right fit.
Today I ran across a 2005 Whizzer NE5 (complete bike) that I can pick up for roughly $300 and change. Now I know that Whizzer is now mfr'd in Taiwan but is it a better engine to have than the Chinese 2 strokes? From what I have read there are quite a few mods that need to be done before it will even keep up with the 2 stroke.
I do like the drive ring on the Whizzer and think they are more period correct for my build.
Durability is something I want to keep in mind as well.
Please chime in as soon as you can. I don't think the Whizz will be around long at that price.

Thanks for your help.
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