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Default Re: Canada My situation; legal questions about Ontario

Not that it matters for me since I'm in the USA, but I have read in other threads that gas bikes (unless they are manufactured mopeds) are not legal even if under 49cc. What is and is not legal should be pretty easy to clarify. If something is clearly stated as illegal then all it takes is one cop who feels like it to give you a hard time, possibly a very hard time. I have heard of some outrageous fines being assessed.
Why put yourself in a position where someone can give you a hard time legally if they feel like it? Especially if there is another route you can go that is legal? (ebikes)

Regarding an electric motorcycle... the heavier it is then the more motor you need to power it. Then you're going to go well over the wattage allowed and draw attention to yourself. If you have a regular pedal bike with gears, relatively small and inconspicuous batteries and a motor that doesn't much look like a motor (I'm picturing the magic pie kit) then you won't draw much attention to yourself and can likely get by with a more powerful motor (meaning more voltage in the batteries).
No bike or motorcycle can be all things. Choices have to be made having to do with budget, legality, practicality and your actual needs vs wants. One good thing is that you have the time to do research, find out for sure what the laws are and the consequences if you get busted, determine a budget and ask a whole lot of informed questions. By informed, I mean read threads and become familiar with your options... then ask specific questions from sources you trust as being accurate. Good luck.
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