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Default Re: Canada My situation; legal questions about Ontario

Thanks everyone; I guess I'm at a crossroads.

My ideal setup would be just a gasoline-powered bike with a motorcycle frame; or, in other words, a small-displacement motorcycle. Unfortunately, that's just bending the rules too much for me to do.

That leaves me with a bit of both worlds; not the best of both, but a bit of both.

If I want to go gasoline powered, then I guess using a normal bicycle frame seems to be the conventional thing to do. Most people don't seem to have any cop issues.

If I want to get the motorcycle frame; I'm gonna need to go electric. I mean, atleast it's a little more legal than gas; ebikes are legal after all... Though the different frame is a big difference. Though, this is the most expensive option with the least range.

There are a few reasons I want the motorcycle frame; one of the biggest reasons is that a motorcycle suspension has in excess of 10" of suspension travel, while lots of bicycles hardly have past 2". Second, carrying capacity on a motorcycle is far better than a bike; not only because of power, but moreso due to more places to mount and put things. Third, the ability to carry a passenger... Pretty obvious how you cant do that on a bicycle really. And fourth; probably the "shallowest" reason-- I just love the aesthetics of a dualsport-- plain and simple.

Oh, and winter riding is much easier when you have bigger tires. Yes; I said winter. I've biked in the white stuff before and it's actually quite enjoyable... I tried doing a 5km day on a bike in the winter. I felt like a lizard on a rock because of the lethargic pace B)

Either way, I'm not sure which route I'll go. Undoubtedly, if I go the gas route; I'm bending the 50cc rule. How is an officer going to know the difference between a 49cc and a bigger displacement if the physical size isnt too different? They cant.

Thanks for your help everyone! As always, I have learned lots!
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