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Default Success????

Complained a while back about the ole stroker not wanting to run except under full choke. Walked out to the shop and there it sat with a rear flat. So I put that hot job off for a month or so, then dove into it today. While there went through all the fuel sys, tightened stuff, checked this fixed that and took it out in the sun. Down the driveway, popped the clutch and bam ,,,,, it ran like a top. Carb loose or something, probably trash. Took it around the block making sure it would run and get me home. Big smiles waving to all and engine chain came off. I have now made love to a fuel tank and have no toes in my shoes. Walked home, if one could call it that and put back into shop. Gonna punish the thing again. Still like it but electric maybe or belt drive or leave it to the young crowd. gphil
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