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Default Re: First Build = Car Accident

And car doors as I mentioned- always look for people inside the parked cars, and if the windows are tinted, you CAN'T see them-

I lived in Hollywood back in the '90's, and I was riding the ol Peugeot home on Hollywood boulevard one day coming up on Highland, right where they built the Kodak center. All at once this car door springs open right in front of me, and I was suddenly just sort of winding my body around past it, like doing a highjump with the bar verticle. If I hadn't raced a whole bunch of years, I'd never have gotten around it, and I really felt later that it may have even been intentional, given events since then. I had seen that movie Crossroads with Ralph Machio as a guitarist, and playing the Devil at the Crossroads, and I had already by then been calling that Hollywood and Highland intersection The Crossroads. So it was strange that it happened RIGHT THERE, and the door just really FLEW open!

Another typical hazard is when you get tempted to get past some traffic stopped, and there might be just enough room past some car mirror or there may not- it's better then to not take a chance and just wait untill the traffic clears than to run into the curb or hit the mirror.

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