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Default Re: 3-speed 6-1/2hp Monarch


Here are the photos you were having some trouble posting. I'll start with your Lotus project and then go back to the motorbike. Your Lotus reminds me of an MGTD roadster I restored back in the late 1960's. It was a 52 I think. The body shape is similar and I had painted it canary yellow with black upholstery and trim. Quite the project you have going there.

"Got tired of trying to load too many. Doing it in 3 licks HERE are the car pix. It has a 4A-GE from a Toyota 1988 GT-S sport coupe. 112 hp, 7000 redline, DOHV. 82 Corolla tranny , drive shaft (cut down), and rear end. Bod is powder coated ally, nose, front fenders,cowl FRP, rear fenders, boat trailer, frame 16 ga. 1" square tubing. Seats tractor replacements with no metal pans. column Tercel, rack, Starlett. They are called Locost and thousands are being and have been built all over the world. It will weigh ~1200 lbs and run about 120 mph, outmanouver and out accelerate most street iron. At 76 the challenges keep my brain young so maybe I can trick someone into giving me a manufacturing job again. Every car is slightly different, calling on the individual's ingenuity and resourcefulness to make it happen. I formed all my ally and took it off and had it powder coated and re-installed. Swiped a chunk of PVC sewer pipe to form my 16 ga,. hood. LOL. I assembled a metal workshop with no help other than the concrete work. Maybe I can stick a picture of it in here. Let's see"
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