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Default Basic clutch operating procedures...

Ok, the last thing I want to do is lock something up and fly over my handle bars. So, I'm trying to understand the baic operationg procedures of the clutch.

Ex. When and when not it gets used.

Correct the list as follows...

1) Clutch in & pedal to start, released after some pedaling to "pop" te engine.
2) Clutch out when riding on the motor.
3) Clutch in when wanting pedal power, regardless of if the engine is runnin.

Ok, here's my curiosities... like when coming to stop signs & what not conssidering the clutch needs to be in to pedal etc. If this isn't to much to ask could someone give me a basic run down of a small ride taking in to consideration things like lights, stop signs etc. The point of this project is for you to explain every clutch hold and release on a ride. Like I said, I just want to avoid any accidents my first time out that are in direct cause of improper clutch use.

Ex. I need to pedal to start / get goin for a bit but then come to a stop sign. Ok, I brake, sit at the stop sign for say 2 mins but to get going do I clutch in to pedal a bit before throttling so I dont dead spin the tire with clutch out to get going and put undue stress on the sprocket / tire or since the engines running I can oedal a bit then throttle up.

Ty !
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