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Default Re: New China bike just built! 700c Thruster walmart

Originally Posted by xcspirit View Post
thanks for the advice guys, or ladies lol. I have fixed the carb issues, replaced the spark plug, replaced the gaskets, and pretty much have her buttoned down since the last post. only issue is the noises but they may just be my mind thinking there is an issue. I found my camera! So ill have pics up tomorrow!

Hey mechanizeman hope your ok. just read up on the whole crash.

Did you have issues making th sprocket line up on the bike? and what gear did you use with the bike? the fixed one or the other one?
Put a better (louder) exhaust on it and you won't notice the noise. Seriously though, The stock exhaust is WAY too restrictive. Try this, just once. Pull the baffle out of the end of your exhaust and ride it like ya stole it. I think it will convince you to put a decent exhaust system on it when you feel the power increase.
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