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Default Re: First Build = Car Accident

Glad you're alive, my friend.

This is THE most common hazard on a motorcycle and a motorized bicycle ESPECIALLY-

because people often can't tell how fast you are moving, or don't see you, rushing around the way they DO. So ride defensively as if someone will pull out in front of you, when YOU see the potential for it happening.

On a motorized bike especially, they take one quick glance at you and their mind registers "bicycle" and that generally translates to a certain speed in their mind- but you're moving much faster!
then they are looking the other way and automatically starting their movement. Hope you use a dual lever and wear at least a bike helmet- after years of bicycle road racing, I always do.

I ALMOST got hit for the first time on my motorized bicycle last week- I was coming home, and this PT Cruiser was parallel parked on the right, and tucked in BEHIND another car AND facing in the wrong direction. AND then I just happened to be looking more to the other side, even though I'm usually awfully aware about places where people may be opening their car doors,

all at once this PT cruiser is coming at me from the RIGHT SIDE- where he's pulled out from behind this other car, and then stopped just in time, and I just miss it.

Don't it make you want to get a FULL TIME job?
not really, but I hear it running, 24/7, Eight days a week........

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