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Default Rear tank mount and peacock questions

Hi all,

As you can see in my pic below, I modified my rack to fit the tank and longer petcock I bought with my kit. I've seen a few bikes with rear mounted tanks but never saw a discussion about them. Now it's almost all buttoned up and I would like to know if it's ok to have it mounted this location and with the petcock forward.

Also, if you look closely you can see the petcock nozzle is aimed slightly up. I have it as hand tight as I can and the only way to turn it down would be to turn it back so it's lose or to crank it the hard way over one more turn.

Is this an issue with the amount of Teflon dope on it or do some of these just get milled in such a way that they point out or up?

This forum is great, thanks for the help!

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