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Default Re: Canada My situation; legal questions about Ontario

let me put it this way, unless you're in ontario, if it has pedals, it DOESNT need a license (at least in Saskatchewan, Verified by the police dept. as I've been pulled over a couple times), it falls under bicycle laws which means you cannot ride on the sidewalk, you don't need a helmet (though it's highly recommended... durr), and you need powered lights to ride 30 minutes before dawn and 30 minutes after sundown. those are the laws in Saskatchewan, I can't vouch for other provinces however when I looked up the laws, Ontario is the only place that mentions gas powered bicycles, which DO need to be licensed, you DO need to HAVE a license, and you MUST wear a helmet. The only way around the licensing is to ride an electric bicycle limited to 35kph. If it doesn't have pedals, then depending on the top speed will determine if it's considered a moped/scooter, or a motorcycle, which will also determine the approximate cost of your insurance, a moped/scooter will likely cost you next to nothing though, but motorcycles are expensive because kids get on them and ride like dufuses and get themselves (or others) hurt or killed.
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