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Default Re: Canada My situation; legal questions about Ontario

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
It sounds like the ebike is likely the simplest way to go for you. Several members here are using the Magic Pie electric kit from Golden Motors. You can install it on just abut any kind of bike you want, quick and easy. Take a look at some recent threads on ebikes and you might like what you see.
Oh wow, those do looks like good motors.

I really am thinking this will be my DD for college. As long as power is good enough for around-town and range will last me a day, I really think this is good to go.

And I can even get it to look just how I want it to! Looks like it's time to get on the "drawing board" so to speak as I can legally start this build now, as I am over 16...

Hrmm... I wonder if it'd be easier to get a bicycle and convert it to an ebike and then make it look like a motorcycle, or to get a motorcycle from the scrapyard, swap out the parts and convert it to Ebike specs...

Hrmmm... And it's all with no insurance and only cents per mile? Seems awesome! I'm really liking this!
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