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Default Re: New China bike just built! 700c Thruster walmart

Originally Posted by xcspirit View Post
Just got done with a build! Ive been crusing all over town and have received alot of compliments. 80cc on a 700c Thruster from Walmart. Got the kit off Ebay.

A few things Ive noticed.
I need disc brakes...
My engine sounds like it knocks...
Doesnt idle well...screw doesnt do much...Ive adjusted the carb severl times...
Dont think I get 100 MPG...
I can got 27 MPH...
o and the fuel filter only has a little bit of gas in it all the time...
20:1 mix...can I go with 32:1???

anyone have any comments on those things that would be great!!!

other than that I think it runs great!
Always go with the best brakes you can put on your bike.
New engines make wierd noises sometimes, give it time. If it still sounds bad to you after break in, investigate further.
The idle may also smooth out after it's ran for a while. Make sure the carb slide goes all the way to the bottom with little or no slack in the cable.( I leave just a little slack in mine.)
100mpg, Ha Ha Ha. I've seen them advertised at 150mpg. maybe if you had a very level straight road with no traffic or stop signs.(60-80mpg maybe in town.)
Again, wait for a little break in. The engine should loosen up and run better and your top speed will come up.
Keep the mix a little heavy for now, Again, for break in.
The best thing you can do for your engine right now is put a NGKB6HS spark plug in it and replace the plug wire with a good auto wire. You'll be suprised how much just doing that will help.

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