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Default clutch puck replacement

ok, I have read about a bajillion threads about clutch problems however it seems everyones problems with their clutches are resolved with a cable or flower nut adjustment. Well that is great however I actually need to replace my square/rectangular clutch pucks/pads. I have at least one broken one and cracked ones. I have ordered my replacement pads ( I actually went ahead and ordered the assembeled clutch) Now to get to my question, after removing the clutch flower nut and clutch plate, I (all of us) have a ring with the 3 floating alignment pegs that holds the pressed bearing. How do I remove that ring, is it left or right hand threads, or is it pressed onto the threaded shaft that has the clutch actuator bar inside. I know my terms used might not be correct. I have reviewed Norman's post as well as creative engineerings animations, although they are great noone has said how to remove this piece in order for me to replace that whole clutch wheel or even to replace the pucks. Trust me I do not need an adjustment on my clutch. Thanks everyone, my parts will be here tomorrow and I want to slap it all back together. This has become my primary mode of transportation to work. I have actually started building these bikes as a second income (doing well, I have three bikes to build and more orders coming in)

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