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Default Re: Canada My situation; legal questions about Ontario

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
I have a friend here on the forum named Fasteddy who is Canadian and maintains that while it does not always pay to be Canadian it always costs. Ha! You've got some stiff insurance premiums there.

The Chinese plastic scooters suck. I was talking about a vintage moped... German, Italian... something from the 1960's or 70's that you could work on and be legal. You might check with the guys at Moped Army as there are no doubt some Canadians there who could advise you.

Electric might be the way to go if there are no monthly insurance costs. Someone here will know the score. Good luck to you.
You may be correct with that last statement.

I went to MopedArmy and am talking with a few board members there.


-What I describe is not a moped; but a limited speed motorcycle.
-They require insurance. Usually not insanely expensive, but it's still "something to do", and it aint free.
-The only really liveable 50cc ones are 2-strokes. Which I am not a fan of
- Insurance companies rarely even insure people under 21 for mopeds, LSMs, and motorcycles; which, pretty much negates all I want.

Looks like unless someone on MopedArmy uncovers something I haven't seen before; it looks like it's Ebike for me. I suppose that's not too bad though, right?
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