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Default Re: Canada My situation; legal questions about Ontario

Oh wow thanks for the replies everyone! I'll try to attend to each reply...


Thats the thing; it isnt a enduro. Basically what I want is a form of transportation that, by all means, is a limited-speed motorcycle (they have the same laws here as a moped more or less, they just allow for a higher top speed.) except that it wont appear to be one. It'll justhave the body of an enduro-- it'll still only be 49cc, ot'll still only travel less than 70km/hr, etc.

Also, getting my LSM (limited speed motorcycle) license is OK. Getting it plated is OK. Insuring it? Well... Only OK if the inurance isnt something insane like 4000/yr...

49cc bikes would be considered LSM bikes... They're legal, I just am not sure whats necessary to ride em...

Nothing homemade and gas... Yikes :/ So I assume most ofthe people here do their motorbicycling "under the radar"... I cant really do that unfortunately...

I guess my best bet for gas would be to get a motorscooter. I wonder if there is a motorscooter that doesnt look like one and instead looks like an enduro... I absolutely hate the appearance of them... Or perhaps, would it be legal to modify their appearance?

Does anyone happen to know what insurance on them is like?

Also, electric is okay? I think there is a law for that... Wasnt the limit that it could not be over "500W"? I guess I dont mind that... Its again, just the cost. As a broke highschool student slowly on his path to becoming an even more broke college student (student debt ), there is just no way I can afford the 200-300/mth of a car, or the 5000/yr of a full motorcycle... I just cant :/


Thanks paul! And I'm not giving up. I'm still on the lookout for what I can do...
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