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Default Re: 3-speed 6-1/2hp Monarch

That's an interesting setup... I'm still in the process of staring at the photos, following the commentary and trying to absorb what you've done. Yes, it would seem like that's a lot of power, especially with the three speed tranny. Having three speeds would probably make a 99cc (I guess now they're 79cc) Harbor Freight engine adequate and give more room for an engine to fit without modifying the frame. Using the SA rear hub is intriguing, especially if it is salvaged from an old three speed bike... which it looks like your's is. If it is salvaged then that brings the cost of the build way down. And no centrifugal clutch, so more savings yet. Retaining pedals would be a value in my area in making the bike look more legal. That and a smaller engine. I'll be interested in seeing the other views of the 3 speed jack shaft. That's the part of your build of most interest to me. Pretty cool. Lots of good ideas in your build, sir.
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