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Default Canada My situation; legal questions about Ontario

I have a plain question; and I just wanna jump right into it.

I came to this forum about half a year ago when I was 15. Asked about riding a gas bike here. Most of you guys said that wasnt going to happen if I wasn't licensed or other conditions weren't met.

I was pretty much "stuck" at that point.

So I became 16 and started looking around at cars and motorcycles. I live in Mississauga, Ontario, so insurance for me is not a happy thing to look for.

Cheapest car insurance? ~3,500$ a year for a Volkswagen Golf

You want HOW much a year for a car not even worth 3500?! Riiiiight. That's not happening.

I tried seeing what going on my mom's insurance would be for her CR-V if I was added on. ~ 200$ a month. I definitely cant do that seeing as when I had a part time job, I only really made 250$, or 350$ if I worked hard and cut into my studies.

So I said: "Okay. So I can't afford a car. Well lets see... They do only get 30 mpg and need constant maintenance, while a motorcycle can get 70 mpg and air cooled bikes require little maintenance."

So I kept searching for an affordable means of transportation.

Suzuki DR350SE insurance? 5,200$ a year.
Kawasaki KLX250S insurance? 4,650$ a year.

No, that doesnt make sense.

So I am forced back here. I really would appreciate some mode of transportation; but I really am not really wealthy and can spend so much money on insurance... (seriously. It's JUST insurance that's screwing me over. Gas, oil, vehicle, etc. all those other prices are fine.)

I remembered what I asked last time; is 49 cc and under okay?

Well now conditions have changed.

I can now be able to be licensed. So I want to ask again; is 49cc and under okay IF you are over 16 and can get a license?

Thanks for any answers!

Edit: Forgot to mention. The 49cc would not be in the form of a motor strapped to a bike, but a 49cc motorcycle. Is that okay?
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