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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

What did I do to my motor bike today? I picked it up off the asphalt. Well, I picked myself up first, then the bike, then my shoe that flew off, then my sunglasses that went in another direction, and last but not least, my helmet that came off before I even hit the ground.(I gotta tighten that strap.)
I've always said that the thing about coaster brakes is they either don't stop you or they just lock up. And thats what happend. Thank the gods it was a low speed turn when it happend. I just touched the coaster after applying the front brake and it locked in the middle of the turn. It skidded out so fast I didn't have time to say, Oh S**T. And I'll tell ya bro's, I'm a little to old to be fallin down like that. I hurt ALL OVER right now. Broke down and went to the E.R. to get checked out. Nothin bad, just some bumps and bruises. So just some friendly advice, Don't use a coaster brake in the middle of a turn.
P.S. And most importantly, The bike is fine.
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