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Default Re: tire\chain locks up

Originally Posted by shwnrttr View Post
if yoour trying to roll it as is in the picture. it will be hard to roll because its trying to turn the engine over. you need to put the clutch actuator arm on.then adjust the slack out of the cable. then pull the clutch in before you try to roll it. hope that helps
Read and heed this man's advice. The clutch must be disengaged before you can freely spin the rear wheel. Finish your installation then try it.
Also it appears after enhancing your first photo that the master link clip is installed backwards. You'll want the open end facing the rear of the bike as it enters the engine drive sprocket. Just pop off the spring clip and put it on opposite of how you have it now. Your chain is a little loose too. 1/2 to 3/4" of slack is where it needs to be.

Good luck.

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