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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by lksdG2 View Post
Built this chain tensioner the other day

I recognize the wrench cut up parts used. That's really neat!

I am using V5 section belt with pulleys and may like to use an idler on the top (ruff section bump) side to push it in the opposite direction to make clearance.

I say may, as I have an alternate way of achieving a sort of multi-ratio for my pulley belt system. The only addition I may need to do with how you have it if I go with an idler, is to make two more rollers to capture the belt in the path so it is routed. It is about 1.5 ft length that I need to redirect it around an object where I had not expected in my original design.

The other way to change ratio / speed range, would have me take a cover with 8 screws and nuts off to change a 10 inch pulley with a 4.5 inch pulley.

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