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Talking Re: Noob attempts a Felt MP build: Have mercy on me.

Originally Posted by cmanns View Post
Oh **** and does it regen on normal accel?

Go on if so, I plan to add a generator to my 2 stroke setup and batteries and maybe EFI it before I go 2 stroke, so then I'd already have the electrical setup when I can afford a 4 stroke kit.

So that wheel, on regular accel gens power, then you use its generation to batteries to power up hills when the 49cc can't.

Am I correct? if so man I wish I could pay you money for giving me this idea, this is exactly how i want my bike except I want dual of the above (AWD electric)

Also sure thanks but don't think I'm just saying that, the pain job, the work you did for our military look. I appreciate even though I'm not a military personel I lived with Marines and I love anything military respecting. So besides your epic engine setup, the bike is just gorgeous man seriously, nearly a tear in my eye like stephen colbert would say in a serious way man.
LOL Don't you and I wish that was the case?? Unfortunately it don't work like that. I wish it did but it don't. Any "regen" ability is miniscule and you still need to recharge the batteries by plugging it in. I do use both engines to climb steep hills and for bursts of speed from a dead stop, then I continue on my way on just the gas engine cause it's range is 5x greater than the batteries range.
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