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Default hello,i just registered

my name is mark and the 49 means ccs, im 46,i do ride less than 49 a honda gx31 mounted down low behind the pedal cranks friction drive into side of tire,anyway i seem to collect,tinker and mostly ride/commute on a variety of electric,gas 2&4 stroke.ihave a ford thikbike with a 4 speed hub im running at 48 volts its toofast,im messing with a rabbit tool brushless geared hubmotor and lithium batteries in a high end lite speed frame and a zipp404 tubular on the front and ya the china motors 49cc,2 in cruiser frames an 1 occ chopper,im gonna take one of the cruisers probly the swhinn i just got of craigslist dosnt run,and make it my main commuter,thats right i mean when i go to town i ride my bike ussualy 70 miles somtimes a 100, that china bikes gonna have to be tightcuz i im not pedalin that motor or pushin that thing or slidin on the asphalt im gonna cruz that babydoll minimum vibration lower rpms cruzin triin to keep it legal in town 30-35 in county mid to low rpms ill have it runnin today and a sprocket on it mayby 34t bicycle sprocket and bmx width chain on a bombproof wheel i found at the swapmeet lastnight. peace on brothers and sisters. and thanx that i rambled.
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