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Hey thanks everyone,

SilverB, I was thinking about a cylindrical tank as well but, for now I'm going to stick to what i got, I really just want to get the bike up and running first before i deal with cosmetics. I saw someone use a pasta tin for one, I'll keep my eyes upen for anything that might work.

KCvale, thanks for the great advice, for now I'm stuck until payday, so I'll be sure to double check my allignment while I'm waiting for that. My drive chain is way too long, so when i get paid Ill have to get a chain breaker or figure something out to shorten it and then double check that as well. I've been reading alot that the 41 chain is better than the stock 415 that I have but I figure use what I got until I need/afford to get another.

TexasDav, It's funny this iy first and it's not even done, but my co-workers, family, and neighbors want me to build them one as well. I just laugh because I get alot of joy out of tinkering with this, that I think they would get to, but if they want to pay me, I'll build it.

Wheel Bender, I think it looks pretty decent as well, but the 26x1 3/8 wheels have been one of my main concerns as well, when I got the bike I just liked the style, and fact that it's American made. For now it will have to work, but in future I know more what I'll want and what I'll need. Live and learn, right?

Here is a picture update:

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