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Default Re: Frame Jig on the cheap

[QUOTE=culvercityclassic;259320]I added some more pictures to show the material I used to make the jig. The metal is uni-strut, as you can see I am able to move my setups within the track system by loosening one bolt that is connected within the track with a spring nut. My alignment is all taken off the main piece of strut. I have set-up the rear drop out as a mock up. One of the pictures shows how it can fold up and may be leaned against a wall for storage. I now have it on a table so I can work on it with ease. QUOTE]

Thanks for the info, I looked into Uni-strut and they have an office closeby. I Would like to build my own but need a few answers if you have the time. How much material and what size uni-strut did you use? Rough estimate would be great. Or if you have plans would love to have a copy. Thanks for you time and sharing this great Jig

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