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Default Re: Can My Chevy Alternator Run My Bicycle's Cigarette Lighter?

This looks interesting

eBay Motors: New very small alternator mini generator (item 110309519505 end time Nov-18-08 04:02:17 PST)

I bought one, but I haven't received it yet.

I'll be asking the experts regarding the proper regulator to use, as the seller was only a little helpful. According to ebay description, the alternator is 2" diameter and 3" long.

Quick measurements show that this tiny dynamo can easily be mounted UNDER the Staton friction drive housing in front of the roller, and run parallel to it.

The Staton spindle will "grow a nose" and a pulley, and a short belt will link to the alternator and its pulley. Ratio might be 1:1.

This is all off the top of my head. There is more than enough room under the Staton housing if the seller's dimensions are true. To disengage the alternator, you loosen the mounting bolts and remove the belt.

Orrr, on my dual-engined bike, I simply raise my engine "on the fly" with my custom Hurst shift lever. Then the front engine AND alternator are disengaged from the tire.


At night, when I'm riding with my 55-WATT headlight on and come to a stop, the engine's clutch disengages. The alternator stops spinning and making electricity, so the headlight draws power from a heavy SLA battery. HOWEVER, if I raise the engine and throttle it to keep the clutch engaged at a stop, the friction roller ANNND alternator pulley will be in motion, creating electricity to run the headlight without interruption!

I don't need to install ANY battery on my bike!!!

Well, maybe a tiny battery to keep the alternator excited.

The rest of the installation should be academic and depend on the v-reg's hookup.

I can hardly wait to start this project.


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