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Default Re: A Colorado Rocky Mountain Hi

Lone Ranger,
I sell motorized comfort bicycles with a front suspension and am located in Monument Colorado. A 2 stroke frame mounted bike with a 55 tooth rear sprocket would be PERFECT to suit your needs.
Top speed in Colorado with a 55 tooth rear sprocket would be 15-20 mph depending on altitude and you would be able to climb ANY hill in Colorado. I have ridden hours and hours on mountain forestry roads on similar bikes without any problem. Contact me at if you have any questions.

PS To take into account loss of power with increasing altitude and increasing richness, I overcome this by adding methanol/nitromethane based fuel to the tank. I typically use 2 oz per 1/2gallon of 20/20 model airplane fuel for rides above 5,000 feet and 3 oz/per 1/2 gallon for rides above 9,000 feet. However, this is because I run a 48 or 50 tooth sprocket and don't wish to pedal on those steep mountain passes. With a 55 tooth sprocket, you wouldn't have any need to do this unless you wanted to.

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