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Default Re: About how many miles will a well-maintained 80cc engine last?

i agree with the castor oil, its better to have too much oil than not enough, you can always clean out the carbon deposits, its a little harder cleaning up piston parts from your muffler. i got about 5000 miles on my 66cc now, reringed it once, and i clean out the carbon and varnish deposits the castor oil leaves twice a year. she still runs good. if you want your motor to last as long as possible, when you get it, tear it apart, clean it out, found casting sand in all the cases ive bought, replace the crank bearings with better quality ones, also replace the wrist pin bearing. Then follow what Allen Wrench said, port matching and what not. but a good quality oil or mix of oils will do wonders, i personally use 4 ounces Mystic JT4 synthetic and 1.5 ounces castor bean oil. a big plus, it is a widly known fact that burning castor bean oil is the smell of manliness and racing.
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