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Thumbs up Top results with Castor @ 30%

Hello eveyone,

Well it took a few tanks of fuel to adjust but my engine is definitely loving the castor oil I am using. I am using Castrol r30 with motul sythetic at 30%/70% proportions and at 32:1 with 95 octane fuel. It seems to not run as well with the regular unleaded here in Australia, my feeling is that the castor is not mixing as well.

Amazed at how responsive the engine is now. Before the engine character changed after a half hour with a sense of more friction overall and less response. Not any more! the castor seems to cling to the moving parts amazingly well even when hot. From what I gather this is because castor oil is more polar so it sticks better to hot negatively charged metal.

I highly recommend using castor at 30% with your regular oil.
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