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Hello everyone!

Thank you all for the very warm welcome!

deacon- In order to be fair to our other customers who have paid our advertised price on our website, we would prefer not to advertise the discounted price. We have remedied this problem by adding our latest promotional coupon for forum members to our signature

Hiker472- We usually do not sell just parts, however we do offer parts to our past customers, no matter if its covered by the warranty or just a part that they need. As for the shipping, we can offer free shipping but the price of the kit would have to be increase to reflect the shipping cost =). We are currently working with Fedex to provide the best possible shipping rates.

Noob- Please PM us with the details of your last purchase. At $150, including shipping the person you purchased it from likely does not offer the 6 month warranty, or is not a genuine Raw motor. But in any case, we will certainly see what we can do, please PM with more details.

Hiker472- That is a great price, but again unlikely that there is a 6 month warranty or that its a Raw engine.
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