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Default Re: Looking to buy a bike engine kit. Questions.

Twnety four miles per day is no problem for most of these motors. My commute is a bit shorter than that but some folks here routinely do double (or more) that distance daily. I'm running 40:1 (synthetic 2-stroke oil) and could run back and forth for a week on a tank. I run a little rich on the fuel/air mix, and I'm heavy-handed on the throttle, so I usually top up the tank on a Thursday morning. (Once I'm across the bridge there are some nice wide open, level roads to wind it out on on the way to and from work).

What you get out of an engine depends on what you're willing to put into it. A cheaper motor can be really dependable if you're willing to put the extra time in yourself doing a few things to it before installing it (if you have the tools etc).


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