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Default Re: KTM-50 RPM Killer or Predator 212cc Torque Monster?

OK here is why Im not stupid:

- I love to have more power than needed - always. Doesn't mean I will actually drive fast or crazy but power is always good to get off from standing, overtaking faster and pull up possible hills.

- I don't like to have standard things

- The Chine engines are far from reliable

- I can actually mount a surfboard rack. That option is VERY important for me and one of the main reasons why I want to keep a bike, because I might be faster to get around with a motorcycle and better suspension for the messed up streets, but it wouldnt help me to be able to live my greatest hobby without depending on friends picking me up.

So thats why and I nailed it to those 2 engines. I would go for the KTM but I got a really good offer for a used 212.

BEsides, it doesnt make sense that you call me greedy and stupid. If I were greedy I would go for the China junk because thats the cheapest option, but I want QUALITY now. I have been dealing with annoying breakdowns WEEKLY, spending more money already in that bike than I would have buying a good engine in the first place. Actually its stupid to buy a China Kit because the quality is so low, that its not worth spending money on them, unless you chuggle around with 20mph on the walking way which is too *** for me.

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