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Default KTM-50 RPM Killer or Predator 212cc Torque Monster?

I would like to know what you would go for, price is basically the same range after the Predator is modded with better parts.

I use it for longer trips, I like best possible high speed with lower rpm to cruise but it still have to be able to launch from dead start.

I tend to the Predator right now, but the whole jackshaft stuff (which seem to be a little pain in the a$$) and the size make me think. On the other hand the KTM is very powerful and simple but sounds like a bee through a megaphone. Could get annoying on longer trips I guess, but then again the videos I saw are probably all with 44t sprockets.

KTM-50 (or in this case the very similar Morini):

Predator 212cc:

So whats your opinion?
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