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Nashville .. Ive seen you mention that chain a few times , and its on of the things I,m interested in because the regular chain is too wide for the sprockets too begin with .
Its sloppy and noisy ... i don,t like it . That trike chain seems worth looking into .

On a note to the pedaling with the motor off , I,m not too convinced that anyones bike will pedal just as easy with the clutch simply disengaged . Fact is , you are still turning extra sprockets ( in an overdrive condition ) .

I was toying with the idea of gutting a motor for the clutch parts to build a clutched sprocket for the wheel on the motor side ( too broke to experiment )

Dan .. ya , really if you think about it , all a clutch is , is a brake .
I came up with a way to do it , but not simply by using a coaster brake ( thats gonna take some experimentation ) . but theres got to be a way of easily converting the brake to a clutch . Like i said before , cancelling the brake is the tricky part . My thought is , as soon as you let off the gas , and the wheel turns more than the sprocket , it should cancel the brake ( but ... the way it is , that works for the original sprocket on the right side )

Note .. the concept is this .. pedal the bike to speed .. pedal bacwards asif to use a coaster brake .. this locks the left sprocket ( from freewheeling ) and kicks the motor over ... then it releases , allowing the wheel to freewheel again .

Advantages .. it makes the engine clutch redundant ( no need to disengage it at all )
With a freewheeling design , you can coast down a very long hill without needing to turn off the engine ( you won,t run the engine in a dry overdriven condition )
The motor will not slow the bike down when you let off the gas , increasing your milage

Possible disadvantages , the motor will not slow the bike down when you let off the gas , ( i kinda like engine braking ... I,m used to standard )
Excesive impact wear on the oneway bearing .
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