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Originally Posted by Mr. Minecraft View Post
The coaster brake will lock up causing the pedals to spin at 20+ mph. You will die >:P

jk But really go ahead and try at like 2 mph and see what happens.
I was thinking that , it could very well be the case , but , the pedal side freewheels also .. Well at least when your not applying the brake .

Also , arguement against .. An unsecured brake arm doesn,t spin freely with the rest of the wheel ... it will stay where it is , until you apply the brakes .
So there is one problem to solve .
Might need to make something up , so that tightening the wheel doesn.t tighten against the brake arm ( like a washer ) .

Its the brake cancelation thats the hard part .. you would need to coast for a fraction of a second ...

Oh my god .. i just figured it out ( sorry guys .. this one requires a pattent ) .
Could take a while seeing i cant even afford a pack of smokes .
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