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Default Re: been working on this thing for 3 weeks bout to give up chain and sprocket issue

Originally Posted by Insignia707 View Post
I considered about the fuel line & was thinking about the fuel pump. but your right the chain DOES rub against the bolt hole on the engine which could be the reason why its hard to turn the engine over & pedal. That's pretty rad of you to notice that, i missed that. I'm honestly thinking is that a women's bike frame is just causing all kinds of problems. such as the angle that the chain has to attach to the rear wheel sprocket which causes it to rub against the bolt hole on the engine. Then there's the location of where the engine is mounted.. which makes it hard for the engine to get fuel. then there's the chain clearance to the frame... the way the frame is built gets in the way of the chain clearance. I'm thinking about buying a men's bike from walmart: 26" Men's Sierra Mountain Bike: Bikes, Scooters & Skates
do you think if i bought this bike frame, it'd make it easier?
That looks like a good candidate for a motor. Just measure and check that when the motor is mounted you have clearance for the spark plug. You will also have to fabricate a mount for the oversized front tube, DONT drill the frame, there are LOTS of good ideas on here for mounts other than drilling. Also check that there is a strait line from the motor sprocket to the wheel sprocket (the chain stays dont get in the way). Let us know if you need any help, good luck, and youll be riding before you know it........
P.S. Cant hurt to try to return the old one "just not happy with the quality".
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