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Default Re: Joining in the Fun

Originally Posted by JimSbike View Post
Hey Everybody!

I reside in Nothern California, approximately 50 miles east of San Francisco.

Living in California poses it's own set of challenges for motorized bikes. We are only able to legally run a 49cc engine, and we have speed restrictions also. All of the bikes I build will attempt to remain in legal compliance. I do not want to give the local law enforcement free money by building an out of compliance 2 stroker!
Hey Jim
looking forward to seeing your build pics.
CA law says nothing about 49 cc or any engine size.

Less than 2 gross brake horsepower is the verbiage.

I don't know about Northern California and the Bay area but
cops down here really don't focus on engine size and hp.

The areas like Newport Beach and Huntington Beach want to
see your license plate, DOT helmet and drivers license with M2
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