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Default Re: The Mile High says Hi!

Originally Posted by Highrev15k View Post
Hello everyone!

I'm a student here in Colorado and have decided to build a motored bike. I just bought a 5g 4 stroke kit from spooky cycles (who I have a sneaking suspicion is actually owned by bikeberry), and a Schwinn Clairmont cruiser.

I am hoping the 7 gears can help me climb the one big hill on the way to class and still keep high enough speeds for when summer classes start in the town about 20 minutes away by car.
Spooky Tooth was bought by BikeBeery.

The so called 5G gearbox in the kit is an inferior gearbox to a Grubee 4G.

The pics on the Spooky Tooth / Bikeberry website still show the Grubee 4G
gearbox that they used to sell.
Very deceptive marketing, caveat emptor.
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