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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by fatdaddy View Post
I don't know why nobody jumped in here. The white wire should never be used for the kill switch. In fact, most "in the know" will tell you to just cap it off and never use it for anything. The white wire is a power wire and puts out 6V. It's connected directly to the coil. By grounding the white wire you're creating a direct short to the coil which will shorten the life of it. The recommended way to hook up the kill switch is to just attach one wire to the black, and the other to the blue from the CDI. This interupts the flow to the CDI instead of shorting the coil.
There are some people experimenting with low voltage LED's for lighting off the white wire, but nobody I know ever recommends using it for the kill switch. I know the factory says to do it, but all they care about is selling engines, and using the white wire like this will at the very least sell more coils for them.

I had first tried using the white wire to power a light... and blew out several LED's and a couple incandescent bulbs in the process

I'll have to look into this other wiring for a kill switch that you speak of though.
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