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Default Re: been working on this thing for 3 weeks bout to give up chain and sprocket issue

It looks like the lower bolt is covered with bearings from a skateboard right?

The plastic of the tensioner sucks. I am in process of swapping mine out with a skateboard wheel...

IF I were you I'd flip the tensioner to the top bar rather than the bottom. It will decrease your tension and you'll be able to get rid of a few chain links....

To get my sprocket to run for the first time to get the chain on properly I took the plug out, CDI disconnected and used a needle nose vice grip to grab the sprocket. I turned it clockwise first- less compression that way, and yes, it took a lot of oomph, and I consider myself a rather sturdy woman. After doing that a few times I was able to tun it counter clockwise and get the chain on. It was not easily turned even after that.

As for the clutch actuator, You want the flat part toward the sprocket when you put the cover back. and get some mother *&^&^%&*^* freaking grease on that thing.

And make sure that carb gets level...

Then find yourself a big hill, a nice long steep hill....

Prime the carb until gas runs out pedal your arse off and pop the clutch. keep pedaling.... and she'll go eventually.
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