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Default Re: been working on this thing for 3 weeks bout to give up chain and sprocket issue


I do hope you get your clutch situation figured out (IF it is a clutch on)....

Assuming you do or will shortly, two things concern me about your setup :

1) The chain tensioner will probably live a VERY short life....IF you manage to get the engine running....PLUS if the chain tensioner fails you have an IMMENSE amount of extra chain and that can be dangerous if it causes things to jamb up at speed (this will lock up the rear wheel and cause a skid at best OR worse things can happen.....Accident etc...

The reason I say the tensioner WILL fail is because the TOP of the chain is under tension when moving forward under engine power....the plastic will NOT live very long under those conditions....Also depending on engine load, the stress ob the little bolt will be high and may lead to its failure as well.

I don't mean to sound so negative about the above but it is a REAL safety issue.

2) The engine may have difficulty getting fuel....there is no fuel pump so the level of the gas tank has to be above the carb (it is a gravity fed set up)...Hard to tell from the pics tho.

Good Luck BUT I would seriously think about item #1 Above.

Hope this helps you.


PS - I also noted in your pics that the chain looks as though it rubs against the the lower bolt hole area of where the engine sprocket cover goes...Not seeing the bike up close and personal, there is a chance that the clutch is correct and the binding is coming from the chain configuration/setup ....While I admire your attempt to get it running (I like projects that think "out of the box"), I think a more conventional setup would beneficial in this case (I realize price is an issue so I might suggest the local Salvation Army or Good Will store sometimes have good bikes at nearly give away prices).

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