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Default Re: been working on this thing for 3 weeks bout to give up chain and sprocket issue

Originally Posted by Insignia707 View Post
when i read your replies i didnt have it installed, i just put in the clutch just now... it still doesnt work. I dont know if i put the clutch pin/bolt in the right way in the engine sprocket cover. The clutch pin/bolt is cut into a half circle, does it matter if the flat side or the round side of the clutch pin is next to the bolt connected to the engine sprocket? I know that the spring/tension is at a decent tension, the clutch moves a 1/4" when i put the clutch in when i tried to pedal. The chain is tight as ****. I readjusted the chain tensioner to get better clearance for the chain and to get better tension. so what the **** is the problem?
WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKIN'? You don't have to install the clutch, you hook up the clutch lever/cable to the clutch actuator arm, What you have described is a "woodruff key" which goes rounded side down, flat side up and is used to drive whatever is on the shaft it's in. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH A WOODRUFF KEY. We got to have pictures of the patient before we can go any further, You'll get it, for now you might be better served to NOT touch anything, unless it is to turn it over for pictures! DON'T FRET Walter F.
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