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Default Re: The time has come! Share your knowledge!

A cruiser frame is great- I prefer the lighter newer ones, but some have claimed they've broken- Had two builds over three years and no frame failures-

If you get a newer one with oversized tubes- I personally would hope to get a newer "big mount" motor- boygofast on ebay has- but you have to be certain- he still sells older small mount motors- you can ask him to be sure.

I always use freewheels with handbrakes here- a cruiser built for multi-gear usually has cantilever brakes, which work fine with 26 wheels, and you can go with lighter and better rolling narrower tires- the less knobby the smoother roll and less vibration under speed.

That should get you started-

as an old bike person, I try to get the bike as near a great bike as possible- so I use 700c wheels- The limited power of the motor has less to overcome. This may cause a need to chuck cantilever for caliper brakes- but not a big deal- a matched set will usually not work though then- a smaller reach is needed on the fork than the rear triangle. Get a dual brake lever if you run two handbrakes- makes riding much safer- for about $15.

A good many people change to a smaller motor sprock- less revs cruising and more top end. 36 is good, 34 is too, if you aren't real heavy and climbing a lot.

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